Front Office – Point and Click Scheduling and Demographics

Clinical – Secure, Flexible Case notes and Treatment Plans

Financial – Submit Clean Claims the FIRST Time

Task Manager – Keep Processes Moving and Exchanging Information Simply

Reporting – View, Sort, Filter, and Track Data

Remote Access – 24/7 Availability

Your Portal

We currently service mental health facilities on all billing scales from individual practices to larger clinics.


TCI is proud to offer services to the following:

Part-Time Providers

PhD’s, LP’s, LMFT’s, LICSW’s and more

Group Practices – Large or Small

Independent Providers

Comprehensive List of Services

• Data Entry of Patient Registration

• Eligibility and Benefits Verification

• Obtain Initial Authorization for New Patients when Required

• Daily Claim Submission Including Secondary and Trietary

• Resolve Unpaid, Delayed and Rejected Claims

• Post All Insurance Payments

• Reporting and Analytics for Purpose of Collections and Revenue Cycle Management

• Allocate Patient Payments

• Claims Scrubbing, Edits and Error Management

• Remittance Management (Paper Claims)


• Training

• Practice Analysis

• In-Office Billing Systems Management

• Start-Up Support

• Audits

• And More...